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Postscript 4, US Foreign Policy Post 2016 Elections

With the 2016 US Elections now, thankfully, only seven months from finish, the foreign policy positions of several candidates are becoming clearer. Rubio, the capo of the hawks has been shot down leaving three contenders vying for that crown, Clinton, Trump and Cruz.

President Clinton did her best giving a ringing endorsement of Netanyahu and his hardline policies at the AIPAC conference with hardly a mention of a prospect for a peace agreement with the Palestinians.  Many Democrats were appalled by her uber hawk performance.  She has positioned herself to the right of Trump who has taken a surprisingly balanced view of that conflict. But, for anyone who has followed her foreign policy over the last  15 years this should come as no surprise. Added to this are her pro-Saudi, anti-Iran, pro US global empire stances that are very worrying. She is much closer to Cruz or Trump than Obama, so should she be elected, she will have little difficulty securing support from the Republican neo-con wing in congress. Bernie Sanders is the only one of the five present candidates who comes close to sensible foreign affairs thinking but no chance there.  Across the aisle, the neo-cons are lining up behind Cruz, a known, rather the unpredictable Trump. The anti-Trump lot are paying little attention tot the extreme views of Cruz. who, in some respects is more dangerous than Trump. The Republican party is quite justifiably pilloried in the US and abroad but the malaise is not confined to the party, it is the American electorate’s intellect that needs examining.

While Kerry and State seem to finally accept Russia’s contribution in Syria, the US media and neo-cons continue the anti-Putin rhetoric. The taking of Palmyra is mentioned with barely a note of Russia’s participation nor, of course, that of Assad. But, like it or not, the US is beginning to see that is it better the devil you know. The US supported “moderate rebels” hardly warrant a mention. The US now needs to work with Russia to convince Assad that the long term solution in Syria requires partitioning. Ditto for Iraq.

Another thought. Considering how hysterical Americans become about terrorist attacks, should another San Bernadino attack occur before or close to November elections, it could play into the hands of the Republican demagogues and change completely the outlook for Clinton. 

Stay tuned….


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