Artificial Intelligence

Human Evolution, next step, ASI

As the introduction to this blog states, it will deal with a number of issues, all of which impact on global geopolitics and until now one subject has been sorely neglected, that of Artificial Intelligence. I wrote an earlier post, the Global Implications of Artificial Intelligence, and I will continue to add posts in this regard.

After two AI (Artificial Intelligence) winters in the 1970s and again in the 1990s when research did not meet expectations, recent progress has at last attracted heavy investment and support by both governments and business. More importantly it has moved beyond creating devices for consumer use, toys and gadgets, into technology that will transform human life itself

Many people view our human evolution as having reached the end of the slow multi million-year process in the form of our present homo sapiens species. But is it the last stage? Work in the realm of Artificial Intelligence would indicate otherwise. Until now, human evolution, through natural selection, has created our homo sapiens species but I believe that technology, in the form of advanced AI, will induce the next stage of evolution. There could be a transitional stage, a melding of man and machine intelligence, a hybrid species, but eventually the next dominant species on this planet will be ASI, Artificial Super Intelligence. Serious research is currently taking place in mind uploading, augmenting human cognition with brain implants and ultimately, the development of ASI, which will exceed human intelligence by several million times.

In addition, AI development has now  gained enough attraction and attention to encourage creation of a science based political party, The Transhumanist Party.

Although this party has virtually no chance of electoral success in 2016, it could serve to stimulate long neglected discussion about AI research, both the pros and cons.

Whatever, AI is on track to transform our lives and this planet.



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