Artificial Intelligence

Global Implications of Artificial Intelligence

An article titled The Robots are Coming for your Job was published in the University of Virginia magazine. The author, Darden School of Business Professor Dr. Hess, postulates that close to two-thirds of the American workforce are at a high to medium risk of job destruction in the next 10 to 20 years because of advanced technology.

The full content of the article is found here:

The size of the US labour force is estimated at 155 to 200 million and a loss of two-thirds of those jobs would equate to over 100 million unemployed. That would surely be unsustainable for the economy and the social structure of this country. So, what do we do with one hundred million unemployed people in the US or, two-thirds of the employed of any developed economy? If AGI is producing goods, to whom does it sell the goods, to the one-third employed?

The solution, says the author is to begin training people in other skills, skills that cannot be performed by robots. He suggests “thinking” skills but, if the development of Artificial Intelligence achieves its ultimate goal of Artificial General Intelligence, the cognitive level of a human being or beyond, AGI will be able to do many of the thinking tasks as well.

These conundrums underscore the urgent need for governments and people, to pay heed to the accelerating pace of artificial intelligence development. Stop interpreting AI in the light of Science Fiction movies and recognize that it is now Science Reality one with which we are already living.



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