China: Pivot to Syria

China is justifiably concerned about the US, its China bashing by the US congress and threats by a prospective US President, Romney to brand China a “currency manipulator“. More worrying and threatening is the US “pivot to Asia” and attempts to insert itself into regional affairs such as the island disputes in Pacific/East Asia.

The US would seem to be employing the ancient Chinese strategy game, Weiqi, based on the principle of encirclement of one’s opponent. In place are South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and to the South and West, the Philippines, Vietnam and India are in play. China’s counter pieces are North Korea, Myanamar and Pakistan but these are not sufficient to counterbalance American pieces on the board. In addition, with a considerable larger naval force, the US has a distinct advantage technologically and numerically to control and/or block maritime routes.

The US seems to assume the Pacific is an offshore lake of California, but how would the US react to Chinese naval forces or other military presence in the Caribe or offshore California?

So, what to do?

The US, having drawn down forces in Iraq with plans to do the same in Afghanistan is not anxious under the present administration to engage in more wars, but a Romney presidency might be more inclined to do so.

It could be to China’s advantage if the US were to become involved in the Syrian conflict and in a very likely Iranian- Israeli one. The latter is merely a matter of timing with Obama trying to forestall an attack until after the November elections, but an attack is all but assured thereafter and the US would be drawn into it, like it or not. Military involvement by the US in these two conflicts would surely divert the US attention and resources from Asia. Perhaps it is time for China to take a different tack on Syria, one that would encourage the US to engage there, even unilaterally.


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