Transatlantic Decline

Daniel Korski in his ECFR article argues as Europe and the US are both in decline it behooves them to work more closely together.
Although I agree that both the US and Europe are in decline, I do not see tying itself even more closely to the US as the solution for Europe. Why look to a sinking ship as a life preserver? On the contrary, Europe should work to decouple itself from the United States. The last two years have shown the high risk of following and supporting US policies, both political and economic. As Niall Ferguson pointed out in Foreign Affairs magazine, in his erudite article, “Complexity and Collapse”, to regard the US dollar (and for me the US economy) as a safe haven is akin to considering Pearl Harbour a safe haven in December 1941.
As for the Geopolitical divide mentioned by Korski, again, Europe, rather than accepting it, should seek to bridge that divide and ally itself with the emerging nation bloc. Therein lies the future and salvation for Europe. Europe, to survive, must move away from its past transatlantic reliance and become part of the global community.

Categories:Europe, Geopolitics, USA

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