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Postscript to the Iran Question

I refer to my previous post of 16 January, ‘Here we go again’

The interim Prime Minister of Israel recently stated that it would be unacceptable for Iran, the country being an avowed enemy of Israel, to hold nuclear weapons. Presumably this is a thinly veiled threat of military action against Iran should it proceed in that direction.

The question this statement provokes is whether this policy and position applies to any country considered an enemy of Israel. If so, then I must ask what would Israel’s position would be if a country already in possession of nuclear weapons such as Pakistan were to replace the present secular government with one radicalised and overtly opposed to Israel.

Would Israel and the United States then threaten Pakistan with military action? Would Israel, with the support of the United States, nuke Pakistan’s nuclear facilities? I can envisage several consequences of such an action, none of them pleasant.


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