The EU, Emasculated Union

Alas, once again the EU is displaying its lack of resolve and inability to cut the umbilical cord with the United States.

The US appoints Bolton as Ambassador to the UN, a slap in the face to both the UN and the Europeans opposed to America’s foreign policy. Then, as if that was not enough, Bush designates Wolfowitz, Chief Ideologue of the Neo Cons to head up the World Bank.

Reaction by Europe – Europe expresses “disappointment”, Europe is “doubtful”, Europe is “hostile”….but not expected to oppose Wolfowitz’s appointment”

Now, quailing in fear of Rice’s displeasure, the EU is beginning to back off from its intent to lift the arms embargo on China using the puerile excuse of China’s anti-secession law. How pathetic! One can only hope that France, playing its traditional role of spoiler, and in self interest, will stand up to the US on this issue. Russia most certainly is under no such constraints and the upcoming military exercises of Russia and China are signals of increasing cooperation between the two. It is ironic that those two countries once driven apart by ideological differences in 1960, are now once again finding a common cause and being brought together to counter American efforts to spread its own ideology and to support Japan as a regional counterweight to China. America’s declarations, expounding the superiority of its political system and threatening its allies and Satrapies should they deviate from the party line, ring eerily of the USSR communist cold war rhetoric. The question now is when and how can the EU be liberated from the stifling grip of the present US regime.

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