The Geopolitics of Energy, Food and China

The link below should be read by all, and in particular by the eco spoofers, the ones who accuse those concerned with ecology as being nothing more than Chicken Littles crying “the sky is falling!”.. In this interesting, albeit somewhat speculative article the author deals with just one aspect of global economic growth, namely the impact of New China’s entry onto the world economic stage. The title is “LEARNING FROM CHINA. Why the Western Economic Model Will not Work for the World”

Although we all recognise the need for alternative sources of energy, and there is much talk about it, there is little in the way of action. There seems no urgency, and a naive belief that somehow the problem will solve itself – perhaps by a miraculous scientific breakthrough; perhaps by divine intervention.

The article quoted above brings into sharp and frightening relief the consequences of just one scenario, that of China’s growth. When one adds India’s forecast to the equation and those projections to the numbers, one can only see immigration to another planetary system as an alternative to living on Earth.

In order not to steal the thunder of this very worthwhile article I will close this post and encourage all of you to read and reflect on the possible future repercussions of the underlying energy structure of our economy.



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